My name is Dale Tiffany and I am pleased to introduce you to Tiffany’s Torcher Hot Sauce. This is a Gourmet Hot Sauce that is unique, delivering amazing flavor with heavenly heat.  It is a product that will resonate with those who love it hot, but also want to enjoy the next bite of food.

I stumbled onto this hobby in the summer of 2009, when the critters in my Topanga Canyon garden decided to eat everything.  I wanted to eradicate the varmints but wouldn't consider poison, so when a friend suggested I surround my growing beds with pepper plants as a natural deterrent, I gave it try.  It kept the deer at bay, but anything that could crawl under or fly over consumed everything. Everything but the peppers, that is.  And with bushels of peppers on hand, I knew I had to do something to not let my harvest go to waste.


When life gives you peppers…make hot sauce!!


I vetted my harvest and made something I thought I would like, something with heat that would be respected but not overwhelming, and more importantly, balanced with flavor that would become part of the meal instead of being a distraction.

To my surprise, the concoction was turned out hot and tasty.  The friends and clients I had given it to agreed.  Private orders started coming in, and those led to corporate orders for holiday gifts.  This then led to larger batch productions and selling the over-stock out of the back of my truck along Highway 27 in the Topanga Canyon.  Within three months, I had sold 300 bottles and started receiving emails orders from faraway places like Australia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Germany and more. The orders have kept coming in ever since. 

So, Tiffany’s Torcher Hot Sauce Company was born.  Proudly made from fresh, locally-sourced Habanero, Jalapeño, Arbol, Serrano and Thai peppers that are blended with tomato, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar and sea salt.

Originally conceived a kitchen that was quickly out-grown, it is now manufactured at Red Hot Foods, LLC, a State Approved Cannery in Santa Paula, California. All products have achieved FDA approval and are free of fats, additives, preservatives, sugar, msg, cholesterol and calories.

Along the way, I added new formulas, so that there are three premium sauces in the Torcher family now.  The Original Topanga Torcher, the smoky, chipotle Topanga Ghost and the sweet and citrusy Topanga Scorpion.

It is my sincere pleasure to present these fresh, all-natural cooking/hot sauces, and I look forward to you joining the legions of my "Hotties" in the pursuit of The Spicy Life.